Lindsay Lohan may face more legal trouble… Two eyewitnesses allege to have spotted the actress leaving an apartment building in West Hollywood, California in her Maserati and then running a red-light, making a left and running straight to a stroll being pushed by a nanny.

“It was full impact, a major hit”, photographer Brian Jaime tells, adding that the nanny was hit in the legs and the stroller also had an impact.

The photographer, got on tape, the baby crying and the nanny trying to push the stroller further and sold it to, on the video, a vehicle (which is said to be Lohan’s) is seen leaving the scene.

The West Hollywood Sheriff’s department said no report has been filled: “No claim has been made with the West Hollywood Sheriff’s station, so if it did in fact happen, and I don’t know if it did or not, but if it did, no one called to report it to us.”

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September 3rd, 2010

Just released out of rehab, actress Lindsay Lohan was seen visiting her doctor’s office in Santa Monica, California on Thursday (August 26).

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August 27th, 2010

CBS News: After spending two weeks in jail and 30 days in rehab, it’s possible that Lindsay Lohan may be released early from the UCLA Medical Center where she is currently serving a court-ordered 90-day sentence for violating her probation.

According to E! News, Judge Fox is ready to give her ruling in favor or against Lohan’s early dismissal from rehab, a day before the scheduled hearing.

Although there is a lot of speculation surrounding Lohan’s early release, there has reportedly been some progress during her prison and rehab stints.

After evaluating Lohan, doctors concluded she does not suffer from ADHD or bipolar disorder, and perhaps the improperly prescribed Adderall contributed to her problematic behavior, reports E! News.

Unfortunately, Lohan and her legal camp will have to keep their fingers crossed until tomorrow to hear the official verdict.

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August 24th, 2010

I’ve added 9 promotional stills from “Machete” to the gallery:

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August 21st, 2010

New York Daily News: Troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan is out of jail and into rehab.

The “Mean Girls” actress was released from the Century Regional Detention Facility at 1:35 a.m. Monday, spirited out a back exit as dozens of photographers and reporters waited in a press staging area out front.

She served 14 days of a 90-day sentence, getting out early because of jail overcrowding.

“She was picked up by court order by a designated driver,” sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore told the Daily News, declining to confirm rumors that mom Dina Lohan picked up her daughter. “We had to comply with the wishes of the court, and safety and security were the paramount concerns. It wasn’t special treatment.”

Whitmore told the assembled press less than 10 minutes after Lohan was secretly sprung that “she has been sent directly to her next destination, which is a treatment center, and she will now be under the supervision of the LA County Probation Department.”

Two black Cadillac Escalades were spotted speeding past the Lynwood jail minutes after deputies strung yellow caution tape near the door that Paris Hilton used for her famous exit in 2007.

Some photographers groused that the tape barriers were erected as a ruse.

Lohan began her jail term with the expectation she’d have a 24-hour break before reporting to 90 days of inpatient rehab. But Judge Marsha Revel changed her ruling late last week and ordered Lohan to start treatment immediately after her release from jail, a source told The News.

In another last-minute move, Revel changed Lohan’s rehab center to one in west Los Angeles over fears outsiders might be able to slip banned substances to the actress.

She was previously slated to attend Morningside Recovery in Orange County, multiple outlets reported.

“We were not involved in the decision. We were informed after the judge made the change,” district attorney spokeswoman Jane Robison told The News, confirming the switch.

According to, Revel originally chose Morningside to treat the 24-year-old Lohan for bipolar disorder as well as addiction to methamphetamines and opiates.

Lohan’s lawyer denied the report.

“I have never seen any psych report which references ‘bipolar’ or ‘meth,’” said attorney Shawn Chapman Holley.

An earlier probation report said Lohan had been taking the amphetamine-based prescription drug Adderall – which is used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder – for “as long as she can remember.”

It listed her other prescriptions as the antidepressants Zoloft and trazadone and the powerful opiate Dilaudid for dental pain.

Lohan landed in jail July 20 after Revel said she violated probation in her 2007 DUI case.

The judge mentioned the cocaine involved of both of Lohan’s DUI busts when she levied the punishment for missing mandatory alcohol education classes.

by Vini
August 2nd, 2010

ABC News: Lindsay Lohan, Who Could Be Released Sunday, Reportedly Has Stylists on Call

Lindsay Lohan reportedly has her team of stylists at the ready in preparation for a possible Sunday release from jail.

Several of Lohan’s favorite stylists and hair and makeup people have been put on call from midnight today through the entire weekend, according to Popeater’s Rob Shuter.

That would suggest that Lohan is expecting to depart from the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, Calif., by this weekend after two weeks into her 90-day sentence.

Steve Whitmore, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, told the Los Angeles Times this week that Lohan’s earliest release date would likely be Sunday. And the release would most likely happen at midnight to minimize the expected media circus.

The 30-second walk from the detention center exit to an awaiting car is likely to be beamed around the world. And chances are Lohan will want to look her best.

She doesn’t need to do much, her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, said.

“She looks gorgeous,” Holley told reporters Wednesday after visiting the jailed starlet. “She’s writing a lot. She’s creating art.

“She’s a beautiful, talented, creative woman, and she’s going to come out and surprise you all.”

Lucky for Lohan she got to keep her hair extensions, unlike other inmates who are required to remove them once they enter jail.

Detention center authorities told the Los Angeles Times that the extensions were sewn near her scalp, making it difficult for staff to remove them.

Lohan is already preparing for what’s next after leaving jail. Holley said she was upset about the prospect of having to go straight to rehab.

“Right now, the issue is how much time she’ll have when she’s released before she has to do the second part of her sentence, which is rehab,” Holley told reporters. “She’d obviously like to spend some time with her family. … She wants me to emphasize that to judge Revel.”

While Lohan’s time in jail has not been a cakewalk — there were reports that she had a hysterical breakdown and was driving fellow inmates crazy with special requests — Holley has insisted that her client is playing the part of the perfect prisoner.

“She is doing fine,” attorney Holley told last Sunday. “She has made some friends.

“We are not asking for special treatment from the court or the sheriff, nor is she receiving special treatment,” Holley added.

While she will reportedly tell all about her time in jail in a major TV sitdown after her release, Lohan’s mindset can be gleaned from a photo of her upper left arm taken the day she was carted from a Beverly Hills court to jail: What appears to be a bruise is actually the base for a tattoo of a little girl with her eyes closed.

by Vini
July 30th, 2010

People Magazine: As far as reports go, Lindsay Lohan is eating the same meals as regular inmates at the Century Regional Detention Facility. But that doesn’t mean she’s being entirely treated like the others.

“She’s not treated like if it was anyone else going to jail,” Maria Medina, a relative of an inmate at Lohan’s jail tells PEOPLE. “Like, if they even want to bring her new clothes or bring her anything, they put the whole facility on lockdown. It happens all the time.”

Medina, 40, says residents at the jail, based in Lynwood, Calif., find it unfair that someone they’re not even allowed to see is exerting so much control over their stay.

“All the inmates are sick of Lindsay,” Medina says. “It’s almost like Lindsay Lohan’s here, but she’s not. Like if she even moves, they put the whole facility on lockdown. It happens all the time. For example, just yesterday [Friday], Lindsay had to go to the mini-clinic, and the whole place was on lockdown again.”

Los Angeles Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore denied Medina’s claim. “It’s business as usual. Lindsay’s getting no special treatment,” he told PEOPLE on Saturday. He also said there is no such thing as “lockdowns.”

As far as Lohan is concerned, she’s now apparently in a much better state of mind than earlier this week.

“[Lindsay's] doing well, she’s doing fine,” Lohan’s lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley tells PEOPLE. “Her outlook is definitely more positive.”

Despite speculation that Lohan was given exemptions when it came to visitation limits, Holley told reporters her client is playing by the rules, saying,”[Her family's] not allowed any more visits this week.”

Whitmore earlier this week told PEOPLE that Lohan received her visits during the week to avoid disrupting other families visiting on the weekend with ensuing TV crews and photographers.

by Vini
July 25th, 2010

HollywoodLife: Lindsay Lohan would rather kill herself than be locked away in jail. The 24-year-old actress is reportedly so upset over the 90 day jail sentence looming over her since July 6, that she’s threatening to take her own life.

“She just kept repeating, ‘I can’t go to jail,’ and, ‘I’ll kill myself first,’” a source tells Star magazine. “She’s mentally unstable and getting worse.”

After Lindsay’s discovered she’d be serving time at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, Calif., Star reports she went home and broke everything in sight.“She ran around breaking mirrors, cutting herself and rambling like a lunatic. She tore her house apart before she finally just broke down,” reveals a source. “Lindsay’s on a 24/7 suicide watch, it’s so bad. She isn’t doing well with this.”

Not only is Lindsay going around saying she wants to kill herself but she’s taking a lethal dose of prescription drugs.

“She has been doctor shopping across the country,” she says. “She is utterly unable to control her use of any mind-altering substance.”

by Vini
July 15th, 2010 Lindsay Lohan is going to lose it in jail. Why? She won’t have her cigarettes.

TMZ reports that the jail where she’s going has “a serious zero tolerance no-smoking policy.”

The prison is the same all-femme facility where Paris Hilton dwelled.

A friend claims that the “Freaky Friday” actress is a “serious chain-smoker” who goes through two packs a day.

The source adds, “The first thing she does when she wakes up is light a cigarette.

“I’m honestly scared for [Lindsay] … I don’t think she’s gone a day without smoking in years. This isn’t something she can stop overnight. It’s a serious condition.”

TMZ further wrote this morning that Lohan still doesn’t have a lawyer in the wake of Shawn Chapman Holley’s resignation, despite earlier reports that the actress hired a new one.

by Vini
July 10th, 2010

New York Daily News: Lindsay Lohan is going to jail. An irate judge sentenced the sobbing “Mean Girls” star to 90 days behind bars Tuesday for violating her probation and branded her a serial liar.

Lohan received no sympathy from L.A. Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel, who found she violated probation on a pair of 2007 DUI busts.

An overwrought LiLo made a weepy last-ditch plea for freedom, bizarrely invoking her charity work with Moroccan children at one point.

“I’m not taking this as a joke,” the party-hearty actress said during a rambling speech in which she broke down twice.

“It’s my life. It’s my career. I’ve learned.”

An unmoved Revel sentenced the bewildered Lohan to three consecutive 30-day sentences – three times what prosecutors were seeking – to be followed by rehab.

“She comes and goes as she pleases,” said Revel. “There’s been a history of that. No excuses.”

Revel dismissed Lohan’s appeal for leniency as insincere, citing the “Freaky Friday” actress’ record of lying repeatedly about drinking and drugging.

“It’s like somebody who cheats doesn’t think they’re cheating until they get caught,” the judge said.

Prosecutor Danette Meyers charged Lohan had repeatedly thumbed her nose at the law.

The blond actress, ordered to attend weekly alcohol education meetings, skipped seven of the sessions in the past 27 weeks.

“Once, maybe, you’d have an excuse,” said Meyers. “Twice, an oversight. Three times, still haven’t caught her attention. . . . Seven times, the court is irrelevant to her.”

Lohan’s “excuses” for skipping her sessions ran the gamut from flight problems at a North Carolina airport to the death of her uncle – although she did not attend his funeral.

After Revel handed down the sentence – including 90 days in a drug and alcohol rehab facility – Lohan wept loudly on the shoulder of lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley, while her father, Michael, and kid sister Ali cried in the courtroom.

Her father later said he was glad his daughter was sentenced to rehab, something she needed for a long time.

“These [prescription] drugs are killing my daughter and killing millions of kids in America and someone has to stop it,” he told RadarOnline in an emotional interview.

He said Lindsay “unfortunately is in a lost place in a lost world.”

The actress is headed for Los Angeles County’s Century Regional Detention Facility, an all-female jail that was a temporary home to inmates Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.

She was ordered to surrender on the morning of July 20.

Once her jail time is done, she’ll start rehab, Revel said. And until she’s in jail, Lohan must keep wearing an alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet.

The judge ordered Lohan to put on the bracelet in May, after she missed a progress hearing because she was partying at the Cannes Film Festival.

The bracelet registered a 0.03 blood-alcohol level on the night she attended the MTV Movie Awards and after-parties last month.

Lohan’s lawyer said her client’s missteps were not a sign of disrespect for the courts but the result of ignorance of the law.

“She is not someone who understands the nuances of the court system,” Holley said.

Revel, clearly annoyed, pointed out that Lohan had spent three years completing the education classes – which should take just 18 months.

“Something’s not right,” she said. “I couldn’t have made my orders more clear.”

The case stems from the three-year-old 2007 DUI arrests, including one in which Lohan drunkenly crashed her car into a Beverly Hills tree.

She wound up spending 84 minutes in jail, and was placed on probation. Lohan could again serve less than a full sentence because of prison overcrowding, said Steve Whitmore, spokesman for the L.A. County sheriff.

by Vini
July 7th, 2010 Lindsay Lohan could go to jail Tuesday for violating her probation … but even though she’s positive Judge Marsha Revel hates her, she’s convinced she’s done nothing wrong and will not end up behind bars.

Multiple sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ … as far as Lindsay’s concerned, any missteps she may have made in the past are completely cured. She’s now up to date on all her alcohol ed classes, so, she thinks, what’s the big deal?

What Lindsay does not understand is that Judge Revel could indeed throw her in the pokey for missing three alcohol ed classes as of her last court appearance. And the whole thing of not showing up in court because the dog/thief ate her passport could be a deal breaker as well.

The people close to her tell us … Lindsay has become so accustomed to good lawyers bailing her out of seemingly impossible situations, she simply expects the same thing to happen again.

As one source put it, “Shawn [her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley] will just fix this like everything else.” The source adds, “It’s no big deal to her, even though she totally believes Judge Revel hates her guts.”

But even if Lindsay gets thrown in the pokey, people close to her think she’d be fine. As one source put it, “She is one tough bitch. She can hold her own.”

by Vini
July 6th, 2010

E! Online: Lindsay Lohan can drink all the True Blood she wants, but it doesn’t sound like the hit HBO series is very interested in having her on the show.

“Not in the forseeable future,” Ryan Kwanten told E! last night at Sony Playstation’s Move Lounge when asked whether Linds could be a guest star.

Ouch! Just last night, LL was counting down to the season three premiere on her Twitter and even celebrating with a True Blood themed ice cream cake.

But then he sort of backpedaled when we inquired if she could play a blood-sucking vamp…

“Yeah, she could be a whole bunch of different things,” he hedged. “I’m not one to specify.”

At least we all know LL has no problem with getting naked, which is a major requirement for the cast. Ryan has no qualms about dropping trou, either.

“To be honest, no, I never get nervous about it,” he told E!. “The fact that it never comes from a point of pure gratuity makes me feel better. It’s always from a story point; it’s never nudity for nudity’s sake.”

Whatever you say, Ryan! As long as you and your hot cast keep stripping down on screen, we have no complaints.

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June 15th, 2010

Check out pictures of Lindsay at The 2010 MTV Movie Awards on June 6.

by Vini
June 9th, 2010

Check out 51 pictures of Lindsay Lohan at a private pool party in Pacific Palisades, California on Sunday (May 30th 2010).

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June 1st, 2010

TMZ has learned the prosecutor in the Lindsay Lohan probation case is gunning for Lindsay in a big way … and even plans to investigate the alcohol education program Lindsay has been attending.

TMZ broke the story … Lindsay did not attend all of the courses within the proper time limits — once every 7 days. But we also reported that the program followed state guidelines — which requires attendance at least once every 21 days. The school also excused Lindsay’s tardiness … something officials said is common among students in their 20s.

But here’s what is really interesting. Meyers says after she finishes prosecuting a death penalty trial next week, she will “be focusing all of my efforts on Ms. Lohan’s upcoming hearing.” Mind you … Lindsay’s probation case is a misdemeanor.

Meyers is even sending D.A. investigators out into the field to sniff out potential probation violations of one Lindsay Lohan.

by Vini
May 29th, 2010
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