Check out the official poster of “Inferno”, the movie Lindsay will be playing porn star Linda Lovelace.

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by Vini
May 27th, 2010

The arrest order for Lindsay Lohan issued yesterday by a L.A. Superior Court judge has been revoked and now the actress has until Monday morning at 8:30 A.M. to show up to L.A. judges.

Lindsay skipped a hearing on May 13 in Los Angeles, she alleged her passport was stolen, so she couldn’t get back from The Cannes Fesitval in Cannes, France where she’s been at for the whole week, after skipping the hearing, L.A. judge on her case issued an arrest order for her if she didn’t show to court until Thursday (May 20) morning, and Lindsay didn’t show, Today (Friday, May 21), the warrant was revoked and now the actress has until Monday to arrive to Los Angeles and show up at court.

Meanwhile, Lindsay was seen partying all the night on May 20 (and morning of the 21st) in Cannes. E! Online reports she has a booked flight from Nice to New York this Friday (May 21).

by Vini
May 21st, 2010

The New York Times: A judge issued a warrant for Lindsay Lohan’s arrest and set bail at $100,000 on Thursday after the actress failed to show up for a mandatory court hearing in Los Angeles, The Associated Press reported. Ms. Lohan had gone to Cannes for the film festival there and, according to her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, her passport was stolen, preventing her from returning to the United States in time for her hearing. Judge Marsha Revel of Los Angeles County Superior Court also revoked Ms. Lohan’s probation, which she had been on after two arrests in 2007 on charges of drunken driving. Mr. Holley said Ms. Lohan would be back in the United States by Friday evening. If she makes bail, the judge has stipulated that she will be prohibited from drinking alcohol and required to wear an alcohol monitoring bracelet and undergo weekly drug testing.

by Vini
May 20th, 2010

Lindsay Lohan is apparently a fugitive from American justice. The actress traveled to Cannes, France to attend the movie festival, where she was, reportedly, promoting her upcoming role as porn star Linda Lovelace.

Los Angeles Superior Court ordered Lindsay to attend a hearing last Thursday (May 13). Lohan’s attorney informed TMZ that Lindsay had the intention to attend her hearing, however, she couldn’t get a flight back to Los Angeles as she, reportedly, had her passport stolen: “”I was on the phone with Lindsay’s assistant the entire night and we’re doing everything we can to resolve this issue and get her back to L.A. Lindsay is distraught because it was her intention to get back to L.A. today to do more alcohol education classes and appear in court tomorrow.”

Photographers say Lindsay is not really “doing everything she can”, as they caught her partying on Tuesday night (May 17) until Wednesday’s 5 A.M. with actor Dominic Cooper at an event in Cannes.

Lindsay Lohan, despite losing or having her passport stolen, did not apply for a new one, U.S. Embassy in France will grant her a temporary passport, but she has to fill paperwork to get it, and the paperwork will only be available on Thursday (May 20). Meanwhile, The judge involved in her case said she will issue Lindsay an arrest order if she doesn’t show to L.A. Court on Thursday (May 20) until 8:30 A.M….

by Vini
May 19th, 2010

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan got one of the craziest settlement offers ever — sobriety for a dismissal.

Lindsay is being sued by three dudes who claim LiLo held them hostage during a wild, drunken ride down Pacific Coast Highway in 2007.

The men are suing Lindsay for emotional distress.

We’re learned months ago Randall Billington, the lawyer for the three men, told Lindsay’s lawyer, Ed McPherson, they would drop the suit if she paid them a total of $7.5 million. But wait, there’s more! We’re told Billington agreed to discount the $7.5 mil by 30%.

But that’s not all. If Lindsay stayed sober for more than 2 years, the boys would give her some of the money back.

The proposal didn’t fly.

So three weeks later, we’re told Billington made another offer — Lindsay would put $3 million in a trust account for the boys and it would sit for 42 months. If Lindsay stayed sober for the 42 months, most of the money would go to charity — the boys would get to keep some of it.

That proposal didn’t fly either. The case is still chugging along.

Source: TMZ

by Vini
May 15th, 2010

Allie Is Wired: The blockbuster actress found herself a movie role, playing Linda Lovelace in a movie titled, “Inferno”.

Previously, the starlet was telling anyone who would listen that she was starring as the XXX star in a movie called “Lovelace”.

Sources have revealed that the movie will be directed by Matthew Wilder and produced by Chris Hanley.

Linda Lovelace was best known for her role in the 1972 movie, “Deep Throat”. She filmed it under duress from her current husband, who regularly threatened her with violence.

by Vini
April 19th, 2010

Happy Easter! Let’s celebrate the real meaning of Easter, Jesus Christ resurrection! Jesus died to give us salvation! Think about it. Live it. Learn it. Embrace it.

Enjoy your chocolate easter! Happy Easter!

Sincerely, Webmaster

by Vini
April 4th, 2010

Once again, Lindsay Lohan has taken to Twitter to rail against someone who’s wronged her. But this time, it’s George Lopez. The comedian made a joke about the curious white powder (which Linds said was baby powder — photo above) that surrounded her feet Saturday night (March 27 2010).

Lindsay was not amused:

@georgelopez thanks for the childish comment regarding baby powder in my shoes to loosen up the leather* don’t you have kids? U wouldn’t wanna hear that about them, or would you? Act like a grown man, have some respect and dignity for yourself.

George responded Lindsay attacks inviting her to come to his show to clarify things, later Lopez confirmed via his Twitter that LiLo accepted his invitation is coming to his show next Tuesday (April 6 2010), Check out his Tweets:

Come on the show … I’ve met you before and don’t have anything against you. you want me to stop talking about you I will … Come and tell me … To my face … I’ll stop !! Respectfully.

Here’s the latest @lindsaylohan is scheduled to appear on Lopez Tonight next tuesday .. Chill ! Lindsay’s a great sport… She’ll be on the show next week. It’s all good!

Photo Credits:

by Vini
March 31st, 2010

Lindsay Lohan attended and sang at celebrity blogger Perez Hilton’s 32nd. birthday party on Saturday (March 27 2010).

by Vini
March 29th, 2010 Lindsay Lohan could possibly be blacklisted by the Indian government after her trip to the country last December to report on child labour and trafficking of women. The actress has falsely claimed that she rescued 40 child workers.

The “Mean Girls” actress made comments to Indian officials during the documentary that highlight the struggle of child labourers, but then Lohan was discovered to have broken the country’s visa rules by travelling as a tourist whilst working for the BBC.

Lohan updated her micro blogging site, Twitter, boasting that she had a role in a raid on a child labour sweatshop and claimed that the experience was life changing. The child star tweeted: “Over 40 children saved so far … Within one day’s work … This is what life is about … Doing THIS is a life worth living!!!”

Lohan later tweeted: “Focusing on celebrities and lies is so disconcerting, when we can be changing the world one child at a time … hope everyone can see that.” However, the activists leading the raids said that Lohan did not arrive in India until after the raids had taken place.

After Lohan’s comments she might not be able to visit India again after officials discovered that she had not applied for a work visa. As well as this, the activists have criticized Lohan’s comments and senior civil servants in New Delhi are studying the case to determine whether she will be added to the immigration blacklist.

by Vini
March 19th, 2010 Oprah, Madonna, Prince . . . Lindsay? Colorful starlet Lindsay Lohan says she’s in the same league as those single-named iconic entertainers — and that’s why she’s entitled to $100 million from E-Trade (ETFC) for violating her privacy last month in a TV commercial during the Super Bowl.

But Lindsay — er, Lohan — faces a significant burden of proof. “To prevail in a case like this, she would need a consumer survey that is methodologically sound, showing that a significant number of people understand ‘Lindsay’ to be a reference to her,” says Reed Freeman, a partner at Washington-based law firm Morrison Foerster. “That’s the method of proof that would be required here.”

But celebrity lawyer Daniel Horowitz says the ad’s use of the word “milkaholic” is obviously a reference intended to poke fun at Lohan’s personal struggles. “It’s clearly meant to refer to Lindsay Lohan,” Horowitz says. “And the only way E-Trade will get off the hook is if they claim it was some kind of parody.” Interestingly, one of Horowitz’s clients is a man accused of breaking into Lohan’s house, as part of the “Hollywood Bling Ring” case.

Lincoln Bandlow, a partner at Los Angeles-based law firm Lathrop & Gage, says the big hurdle for Lohan is showing that this is a use of her identity, one which violates her privacy. “I don’t think it is,” Bandlow says. “She’s not Sinatra, she’s not Cher, and she’s not Bono.”

But even if she succeeds in doing that, Bandlow says, she then must make an “odd argument,” one which could lead to embarrassing disclosures. “She’s going to have to say that she’s such a lush and an alcoholic that the use of the word ‘milkaholic’ obviously refers to her,” Bandlow says. “The identifying information she will have to cite is someone who is an addict.”

The star of such films as Mean Girls and Herbie: Fully Loaded is suing the giant online brokerage for unlawfully using her “likeness, name, characterization, and personality.” Lohan filed the suit in New York State’s Nassau County Supreme Court Monday, seeking $50 million of compensatory damages and $50 million of exemplary damages. An E-Trade representative says the company has yet to review the filing and has no comment.

In the commercial in question, part of E-Trade’s popular campaign featuring babies who chat about investments and life, an infant refers to “that milkaholic, Lindsay.” Lohan’s troubles with drugs and alcohol and scuffles with the law have been widely chronicled by the celebrity press.

Lohan’s argument hinges on a court’s accepting her contention that her worldwide fame — or notoriety, if you prefer — has turned her first name into a specific, recognizable reference to the her, much like “Oprah” or “Madonna.” “Many celebrities are known by one name only, and E-Trade is using that knowledge to profit,” Lohan’s lawyer, Stephanie Ovadia, told the New York Post.

Check the commercial below:

by Vini
March 11th, 2010 Having recently spent time overseas in London, Lindsay Lohan sounds as if she’s leaning towards a permanent move to the UK.

The “Mean Girls” starlet, who returned back to the States over the weekend after attending a few London Fashion Week events, tweeted of her plans, “Moving to the UK is in my near future.”

Giving her reasoning behind the desired change of scenery, LiLo explained, “Better dj’s/music and Paris is just a Chunnel away!”

The talk of heading off to live in London comes after Miss Lohan took over headlines with a new interview about her past drug use and love of ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson, who she dubbed “the only girl for her”.

by Vini
February 24th, 2010

SAWF News: She hasn’t been careful covering them up in the past so you have probably seen them, but this time it’s official. Lindsay Lohan will appear topless in her next movie ‘Machete.’

The action thriller headlines Danny Trejo and Michelle Rodriguez and features an ensemble cast that includes Robert De Niro, Steven Seagal, and Jessica Alba.

According to Hollywood Life, who have a copy of the film’s script, Lindsay has a 10 minute role as gun-toting socialite April Benz.

Lindsay, 22, gives an eyeful in a scene that has her skinny dipping at a waterfall with her on screen mother Alicia Rachel Marek, 34.

The action thriller is due in theatres in June.

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January 29th, 2010

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January 18th, 2010

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January 15th, 2010
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