MTV: Just about a month after Lindsay Lohan returned from India, where she was shooting a documentary for the BBC channel about the illegal trafficking of women and children, a trailer for it has appeared online. In it, the actress meets with locals to investigate the origins of human trafficking in the country that she shot during a week long trip to the country in December.

“The whole situation is heartbreaking because the parents aren’t necessarily in the wrong, the children are obviously not in the wrong,” she says in the video. “The traffickers are the ones in the wrong because they know what they’re doing and anyone who says they don’t know, I mean come on.”

Footage shows Lindsay sitting with a woman, presumably a trafficker based on the conversation, and asks her about the abuse. “Didn’t you hear from other traffickers that children were abused and some maybe some girls if they were attractive raped and prostituted and subjected to such horrible things?” she asks.

The woman responded with: “She’s saying at that time there was not so many of these such cases, but it’s now there are these cases of sexual abuse or violence and everything.”

There is no release date yet for the documentary, but her Lindsay’s mom, Dina, told People: “It was an amazing, life-changing experience for her. I’m so proud of Lindsay, that under all the scrutiny the tabloids put her under, she is a very strong, caring, talented girl who ignores all the negative, and continues to move forward in a positive direction. I am so proud of her.”

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January 12th, 2010

US Weekly: Sounds like Lindsay Lohan’s New Year has gotten off on the wrong foot.

While celebrating 2010 on the island of St. Barth’s, the 23 year-old star discovered that she was ripped off by her longtime best friend and sidekick Patrick “Pootie” Aufdenkamp.

A friend close to Lohan tells, “Patrick stole Lindsay’s sketches for her new 6126 clothing line.” WWD reported Dec. 30 that Lohan’s 6126 leggings line would be expanded to become a full clothing collection for fall 2010; her role as artistic advisor for fashion house Emanuel Ungaro, despite a rocky start, is also ongoing.
Lohan tells that Aufdenkamp has been her “best friend” since she was 16. He has frequently been photographed with the actress, and was present at many meetings related to her new fashion line.

“He is now running off trying to do his own line,” a Lohan pal says incredulously, “And telling people he’s going to fashion market week in NYC on February 18 to debut his line.”

Adds the Lohan source, “It’s horrible. He was her best friend. He has always used her, and she’s been warned to never trust him. Lindsay is a good friend and likes to see the good in people. She didn’t want to believe how bad Patrick’s energy was, and how false his friendship has always been with her.”

Lohan herself spoke to exclusively about the sad incident. “I should’ve known better,” she said, noting that the friendship with “Pootie” has ended. “But new year for me and a new beginning! Health, happiness, success and love!”

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January 6th, 2010
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Happy New Year!

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January 1st, 2010

As you celebrate Christmas, may you experience true love and hapiness. Christmas is the time to give and to share. Jesus is the reason for the season and he is the epitome of true love.

Merry Christmas from staff!

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December 24th, 2009 They’re no strangers to swanky Hollywood soirees, and last night (December 17) Lindsay Lohan and Leonardo DiCaprio both attended MLB stud Brian Wilson’s Hollywood Hills shindig.

The “Mean Girls” actress looked to be having a marvelous time as she arrived at the party, sporting a big smile as she passed the paparazzi.

LiLo also dressed to impress, opting for a black leather jacket along with a black lacy dress and a pair of black thigh-high leather boots.

As for Leo, he seemed to be right at home as he puffed a big stogie while mingling with fellow merrymakers like Kevin Connolly and Jayde Nicole.

by Vini
December 19th, 2009

IMDB: Lindsay Lohan jetted from Los Angeles to India on Monday night to shoot a hard-hitting new documentary about sex trafficking.

The troubled actress will spend a week in various areas of India shooting a low-key BBC investigation about the trafficking of women and children in the country.

A source tells Life & Style magazine, “Lindsay is trying to better herself and get away from her party-girl image. She wants to be taken more seriously.”

Lindsay plans to continue her good deeds when she returns home next week – she’s planning a trip to select Los Angeles children’s hospitals, where she’ll play Santa and hand out toys to sick kids.

by Vini
December 9th, 2009

People: Lindsay Lohan and John Mayer were both hanging out with Samantha Ronson, who was deejaying at New York nightspot Butter.

Mayer arrived first with his male posse in tow, and the singer scoped out the scene and stopped to flirt with female revelers.

He also greeted Ronson at his table, though she soon headed over to the deejay booth. Then Lohan arrived and started chatting up Mayer.

While Lohan was definitely there to see Ronson, according to an onlooker the two didn’t really interact much, though they were at the same table all night. “You could tell they were there together and both talking to John Mayer,” the onlooker says. “They all stayed at the same time talking until past 3 a.m.”

by Vini
December 2nd, 2009

SAWFNEWS: Lindsay Lohan’s father has been accused of hunting out strippers who look like his famous daughter.

Despite Michael Lohan’s denials, Elliot Osher, a former owner of New York’s most famous strip club Scores, insists the troubled dad made the bizarre request when he visited.

The weird request, which Osher did not give a date for, is part of a book he plans to write about many of the celeb visitors to the sexy hot spot.

“Lindsay Lohan’s father once sat down and described the kind of dancer he was looking for,” Osher insisted.

“We sent some girls over. Funny, they all seemed to look like Lindsay.

“We ended up having to show him to the door.”

Michael Lohan admits getting into an “altercation” at Scores, but insisted: “No girls danced for me.

“The last thing I’d want to see is a girl who looked like Lindsay. I don’t even look at the magazines where she’s done some risque photos.”

But Osher insisted: “Maybe he just doesn’t remember.

Osher worked at Scores for 18 years, starting out as a bouncer.

Among the anecdotes in his planned book he claims Madonna stiffed the staff, Bill Gates left a $3,500 tip, Bernie Madoff “wanted a private room” and Russell Crowe “almost got in a fight with an Irish waiter”.

by Vini
November 18th, 2009

Fox News: Lindsay Lohan might want to think about getting a part time job that actually pays.

Sources tell Fox411 that while the starlet poured her time and effort into her work with fashion house Emmanuel Ungaro for Paris Fashion Week, Lohan, 23, has not been paid for her work.

“Ungaro is not paying her at all to be a consultant for them,” a source close to Lohan told 411. “Her team is working to get Lindsay some form of payment from the fashion house, but right now they will only give her free clothes.”

And while the line was universally slammed by critics, the legendary fashion house seems to have made a savvy business decision in bringing Lohan on board for free.

“The deal is perfect for them – they have nothing to lose, even though the clothes were not a big hit during Paris fashion week. Lindsay even paid for her flight and hotel in Paris,” the source said.

But to add insult to injury, friends also say that Lohan recently learned that Casablanca records has decided to terminate its professional relationship with her.

“Casablanca has suspended all further recording sessions of her album and put their working relationship with her on hold. Lindsay was committed to making music and has been working on it for 16 months. She is going to go what she can to keep her music career going.”

But Lohan’s troubles could become far worse if she doesn’t find paying work soon, especially with her extravagant lifestyle taking all of her money and casting directors failing to take her seriously. Even worse, Lohan doesn’t have trustworthy people in her corner and feels that even her own mother Dina is exploiting her.

“Lindsay is not speaking to her mom and Dina is telling people Lindsay is so busy they don’t have time to talk. Their problems got worse 6 months ago when she begged her mother not to do something with the Shoe Han idea. She was embarrassed and tried to convince Dina that would only hurt her while she tried to make a comeback. Her career is at a stop and she does not have enough money coming in [to support herself.

by Vini
October 24th, 2009 A Beverly Hills judge today extended Lindsay Lohan’s probation for a year in connection with a 2007 drunk-driving case.

The judge made the decision to extend probation after learning that Lohan had not completed required treatment programs because she was filming a movie out of state. Lohan’s attorney said the filming is done and that she can finish the programs.

The court appearance stems from a 2007 incident in which she crashed her car on Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills and was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

She eventually agreed to a plea bargain that called for probation, time in a treatment program and community service.

by Vini
October 16th, 2009

Millions tune-in to HBO on Sunday nights to watch this summer’s sexiest series “True Blood,” and Lindsay Lohan tells “Extra” she’s also a fan!

“Nobody can speak when True Blood is on,” LiLo tells “Extra’s” Mario Lopez. When Mario told Lindsay he’d never seen the vampire hit, Lindz was shocked! No worries, Mario plans to catch up via TiVo.

Lindsay also tells “Extra” she’s moving away from acting to try producing. “I’ve been creating a bunch of shows that I’ve written treatments for and that I’m going to be producing — and that’s more interesting to me,” the 23-year-old says.

Lohan would also like to work with Tina Fey again. The two teamed up for “Mean Girls,” and Lindsay hosted “Saturday Night Live” when Tina was still a part of the cast. Lindsay tells us she would love to make a guest appearance on “30 Rock.” Miss Lohan also reveals she changed her middle name to Morgan, but not because of “30 Rock’s” Tracy Morgan!

As for rumors about starring in the new Robert Rodriquez flick, “Machete,” the starlet stayed mum. When asked if she was working on the action-drama, Lindsay answered, “Maybe,” adding, “I didn’t say I was part of it yet.”

by Vini
September 3rd, 2009

FOX News: In more Brit-related news, many have been questioning why on earth she’s been hanging out with not-so-reformed rehabber Lindsay Lohan in recent times, but it may not entirely be her fault.

An insider says Brit’s manager Larry Rudolph is now quietly working with Lindsay Lohan too, which is why the two troubled Tinseltowners have been spotted at the same place at the same time a lot lately. The source says Rudolph is helping Lohan with a potential reality show that will enscapulate her trials and tribulations as she gets “back on her feet” and actually becomes a working actress again.

A rep for Lohan did not respond for comment.

But speaking of Lohan getting back on the straight and narrow, it sounds like that is a dream still far from the realm of reality. Lilo was spotted in a NYC restaurant late night last Thursday looking like a hot mess, literally.

“She looked filthy and disgusting, barely recognizable,” said an eyewitness.

The 22-year-old later returned to her hood in Los Angeles in the wee hours of Sunday to discover her home had again been broken into and several pieces of valuable jewelry as well as watches had been stolen, marking her second home burglary in three months.

“She is upset and feels violated,” a Lohan pal said.

by Vini
August 25th, 2009

Lindsay Lohan pulled a Robert Pattinson in New York yesterday. She was nearly run down in Manhattan traffic!

In her case, she was almost hit by a bicyclist as she attempted to maneuver around the paparazzi.

In Rob’s close encounter with New York City traffic, he was brushed by a cab as he was trying to flee a horde of pursuing fans. Fortunately, both were unhurt.Lohan was out and about shopping in the afternoon and was spotted later that evening having dinner.

All and all, pop culture anthropologists gleaned a mother lode of new observations. That should keep speculation cooking about the 23-year-old actress, at least until her next blow up with on-gain, off-again girlfriend Samantha Ronson.

Lohan looked a little rattled by the close brush with traffic disaster, but it didn’t sway her from dodging into high-end boutique INA, to shop with abandon while the paparazzi idled outside.

When she pulled out plastic to pay the bill on a pile of new clothes, observers immediately took notice. Hey, maybe she really isn’t hurting for money.

Much has been made of rumors that Lindsay is desperate for work after being turned down for a teen-aged film role. Producers think she is “too jaded” for the part. The movie, based on the novel “Undiscovered Gyrl,” is about a teen blogger, who over-reveals about her sexual coming-of-age.
The book’s author Allison Burnett told OK magazine she passed on the actress because of Lindsay’s troubled image. How about because she’s just too old for the role?

Then there were the lips. Is Lindsay plumping? One blogger swore her lips were fatter. Was it just the lighting, or has she been seeing a plastic surgeon in search of fake lips to go with her fake tan?

Lindsay was also spied eating a piece of pizza! Who says she’s anorexic? Although, some reports say she still looks ghastly thin.

Which could be a good thing: New York Fashion Week is on the horizon and Lindsay may just be trying to look the part like last year.

And her reed-thin body definitely helped her side-step that bicycle.

by Vini
August 22nd, 2009

Access Hollywood: Lindsay Lohan stepped out for dinner with on-again/off-again girlfriend Samantha Ronson at Dan Tana’s restaurant in Los Angeles on Thursday night, but according to eyewitnesses, it wasn’t a romantic gathering.

“She was visibly pretty upset, just wiping her tears a lot,” an onlooker told Access Hollywood of Lindsay’s behavior.

The two women arrived at the restaurant a little after 10 PM and fellow diners in the packed eatery saw the newly blonde actress wiping back her tears not long after the couple sat down.

While Lindsay was tearful, Samantha reportedly paid little attention to the starlet.

“Sam would rarely look up,” the witness said. “She just kept texting.”

At one point, Lindsay attempted to get Samantha’s attention.

“She hit her hands against the table and yelled, ‘What!’ really loud,” the source said.

Despite the emotional scene, Lindsay caught attention for another reason too.

“She looked really beautiful,” the witness added.

by Vini
August 8th, 2009

All News Web: Pop singer Pink, not one to shy away from controversy has walked into another storm by claiming that Christina Aguilera eyes out women and told her once herself that she wouldn’t mind a fling with troubled celebrity Lindsay Lohan.

‘You know she said something like ‘I could get it on with her any time’ and you just so knew she meant it.’ Singer Pink was quoted saying.

LIndsay Lohan has shrugged off the remark but some say has left the door open: ‘She knows where I Iive’ she is reported to have ‘joked’.

Friends of Christina Aguilera have laughed off the comment: ‘It is absurd, the very heterosexual Christina is involved in a relationship with a man and is currently concentrating on being a mother: I couldn’t think of anything less of interest to her’ One friend noted.

‘Pink again trying to get attention, she has always been jealous of Christina’s looks and is once again trying to bait her’ one noted.

by Vini
July 28th, 2009
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